Wednesday, April 05, 2006

enjoying early birthday gift from s.b. and sister. latest belle and sebastian. oh yes. it has a very stevie wonder/r.e.m./jim croce/earth wind and fire-ish feeling. leastways that's my first impression. a departure. one i can get behind.

confrontation with a crazy bicyclist. crashed his cycle into s.b.'s jewels and then blamed s.b. there was a shouting match between sister and said bicyclist. threatened to use his truck next go round. kind of a bastard that one.

musical manna. aquarius package arrived the other day. more on the way. and it looks like the local record store might have something wonderful for me. for me? maybe. there appears to be some confusion.

japanese birthday celebration lunch. hooray eel rolls!

there's a framed stick-insect in a downtown window.

s.b.: i don't like that bug. i don't trust it.
me: you don't trust it? what it's plotting against you?
sister: (in remarkable insect voice) this is change for a ten! i gave you a twenty! yep. he's a grifter.

but there again s.b.'s afeared of insects and the like. he refused to let me have the spider roll too.

listening: funny little frog-- belle and sebastian


edit: speaking of grifters. the three of us encountered a man. mumbled at us. i was left standing beside him searching up some change. he said variously he was a "train jumper" ("not a hobo") and a "modern hobo." wha? modern? has hobo technology changed so drastically? he's completely reworked the bindle?



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