Saturday, April 29, 2006

took a walk down the railroad tracks. a killdeer has her clutch in the ballast. three granite patterned eggs. she didn't drag her wing. she did make a fuss though.

had to remove my shoes and roll up my jeans to fetch some bone shards from the creek. sister's apprentice. she won't pass up any opportunity to poke around (archeologically speaking). unless horsehair worms are present. and they were. i don't fear them so i had the honors.

listening: headlights look like diamonds-- arcade fire.

it's nearly two a.m. i'm heading off to bed but had to check my electronic mail. oh aquarius. i love and hate you. your lengthy correspondences. i shouldn't read them. forced to choose between little things like food and toothpaste and creme rinse and transportation or musical goodness. if i ever become independently wealthy i'm going straight up to the city and planting myself on your floor. with nice headphones.

to bed.


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