Sunday, April 09, 2006

this night's walk saw the undoing of the very old. prehistory. that giant oak at h and murphy avenue is down. standing at the blunt end the span touches the top of my head. huge! somebody tacked a note there asking the trunk be saved for children to play in. rot had hollowed it. very upset. in the dark it was difficult to tell the cause of the down. maybe it blew over in the storm. but much of it had been chaincut.

birthday greetings from brother included a plea for my marriage and swift reproduction. gah. take a raincheck. and like the astute youngsters said as long as supply is low demand is high. and that's the way i likes it.

listening: sea song-- doves.

a visit to the zoo. 4/7. the sloth mugged for us and moved! the spider monkeys read national geographic. then ate the magazines. the python shimmered. i waited for john cleese near the lemur enclosure. he never showed. i wanted very very badly to pet the fossa. i ogled the zookeeper. the meerkats. oh the meerkats. the capybara is nature's way of fucking up a rhombus-- hilariously.

a beautiful new subwoofer and speakers courtesy ma. the woman refuses to cease the gift-giving. attempted to console by telling me how good a deal she got. goodness but they are wonderful. no more irritating static. so crisp. luuuurve.

listening: cirkus-- king crimson.

it's late. must to sleep.


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