Thursday, April 06, 2006

i wake up a year older tomorrow. twenties are gone. a little scary.

listening: the lady and the gentle man-- bridget st. john

the goods at the record store were for sister. darn. thought superflu awaited. but no. just a roots manuva album she's already got.

bus floor stickied with dark and unknown. upon standing to unboard discovered my bottom was soaking wet-- coffee. eagerness to get home and remove my dirty clothes. sister and s.b. discussing their hunger. approaching home:

me: you order the vegetable pizza while i take off my pants.
s.b.: well my evening's shaping up nicely.

ridiculous boy. i'll miss him when he goes.

morning glory seeds are sprouting. caralluma and dorstenia newly potted.

japanese cedar burning over there.

listening: the pebble and the man-- bridget st. john

good evening.


Blogger yukino said...

Welcome to the thirties. It's not all bad, and there are a bunch of us already waiting here for you. :)

11:39 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thank you. at least i know i'm in excellent company. :)

12:13 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

happy birthday! i thought it must be coming up--i had noticed by blog that we're both aries.

as for kahimi karie, i saw her in chicago, i think in 2000 (maybe 1999). she was playing with toog and momus. one of the friends i was with got nearly embarrassingly obnxious-drunk and ended up on stage with momus and later in a video on momus's web site. in the end, a good show.

celebrate wildly, whatever that means to you.

12:52 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thanks, sara! i've invented a special aries handshake. someday i'll show you maybe.

now i'm doubly envious. kahimi karie and momus!? well. i will search momus's site o'er for crazy video footage. i'm glad it was a show to remember!

i celebrated wildly. in fact, i plan on making the remainder of april very festive. and i request that you spin some records in my honor. and i request that anyone who reads this do the same. vanity!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

well, i would certainly like to be in on the aries handshake. it seems important.

i will spin some records in your honor. i consider it necessary to thoroughly celebrate people's birthdays. i'm not much of an attention hog, but when my birthday comes around i expect some colorful hoo-ha to happen. i probably get more excited about other people's birthdays than those people do. here's to celebrating through the month of april.

10:03 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thank you, sara! i do love the birthday hoo-ha. most years i'm not big on the celebrating. i figure the triple ten is due a little extra festivity, though. i appreciate the record spinning. i'll spin one for you, too.

5:28 PM  

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