Thursday, May 11, 2006

pecking away at these keys and there's a wee lilac-colored birdie on my shoulder. newly arrived from brooklyn. she has a miraculous repertoire. i'm especially surprised to hear her sing the songs of plastic bertrand! i haven't heard ca plane pour moi in yonks and i've never heard it covered before. so cool! what a perfect day to receive a parcel. thank you so much, anne! this is the best compilation i've gotten in days unnumbered. enjoying it greatly!

listening: ca plane pour moi-- thee headcoatees.

seriously brilliant comp. yay!

i believe i'll do some sewing. this week's afternoon of library servitude was slow. but i got to nose around in book stacks for hours. found three very cool vintage sewing guides. they're supposed to be boutique-ish. it says so. and a good number of the contributing authors were parsons/new school alumni or teachers. i won't be making the chain maille cloche anytime soon but the glove and wrap skirt patterns are quite nice. maybe i'll start small. a handbag or sommat.

listening: close to me-- the get up kids.

over and out.


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