Sunday, April 30, 2006

wisteria in my memory is harbinger of chickenpox. and the little eye-shaped scars i have are not unlike that pale pinkish lavender. ours is blooming. the scent is nice and feverish. a black behelmeted bumble bee threads it. lola chases it. she's determined to taste every variety of stinging insect. a honey bee today. yesterday a hornet that wrecked its retribution in the area of her forepaw. limpy beast.

sister noted of this evening's moon, "it looks like a trapper keeper." i had to agree.

there are ridiculously tall oats growing everywhere. picked one. ran it through my fingers to take the seeds off. tied it back upon itself. a grass snare. not the gentlest introduction to a blue-belly but my brothers taught me to do it. laid on its back a lizard is lulled with the tickly end. a matter of proper technique.

the gravenstein apple has blossomed. smells just like roses. and the artichokes have buds. hell yes!

listening: for the price of a cup of tea-- belle and sebastian.


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