Monday, May 01, 2006

a circus beetle scared the shit out of me today. crawled right across my wrist while i wasn't looking. he did not fire his stink gun at me. grateful.

humans are so visually oriented. sara's blue eye tale has me constantly circling back and pondering. and those are just the exteriors. the interior furnishings another sight altogether.

the brown-eared nanny produced two kids! they're so damned adorable. both with brown ears. but the paler one has a remarkably sweet face. nanny instructs them with the flat of her head.

can't locate the mp3 so instead new order's "temptation" is on repeat courtesy of my ibrain (patent pending).

jeff goldblum and conan o'brien together is somehow dreamy. now there're two beautiful funny gangledons. i think i made that last word up.



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