Monday, November 15, 2004


hardly newsworthy, but i stepped in ca-ca. dog soil. i'm not sure where i did it, but the experience lingers even though i applied the soap and brush. ah, life in the countryside.

listening to the pogues.

twice tonight, a speeding car almost ran over the dogs, the sister and me as we had our nightly constitutional. i disapprove of collision. at least, where cars and people are concerned. when people collide sometimes 'tis messier. or sometimes lovelier. maybe i should learn where to put my er. it's no comparison. cars and people make for an ugly carom.

hmm. why do dogs run toward the danger? willie snaps at bicycle spokes. lola strains in intersections. tries to make contact. i don't know.

tomorrow i search for something gifty for the smaller sibling who is passionate about soap and chocolate chews. this is the predictable portion of annual gift day-- soap and chocolate. but this year i'm going to surprise. sssshhh.

to bed with me. morning and rooster flapping betimes.

"nothing can stop a planet, but a planet can stop anything at all!" --bjork


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