Wednesday, November 17, 2004


purchased from the friends of the library booksale today:

birds every child should know (ca. 1930)

a handwritten inscription says: to the quinn boys, christmas 1930 from mrs. barrett. my favorite bit so far is this: when all the states make and enforce similar laws, there will be an end to the barbaric slaughter of many birds for no more worthy end than the trimming of hats for thoughtless girls and women. damn their fancy hats!

illustrated manual of california shrubs by h.e. mc minn.

i have poured over the pages of this one already. it's wonderful! a 1939 printing. it's soooo cool. i'm going to give it to the da, though, because he does love native shrubs. and books.

flight to arras by antoine de saint-exupery.

truly, the find of the day. a first printing. the pen and ink drawings rock! and i paid less than a buck for it. whoot!


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