Thursday, November 18, 2004


i was sitting in the dry grass near the railroad tracks. he said, "my friend, you know the one?" and my mind went blank. i began guessing names. it irritated him. and then he laughed. i looked by the hand that i leant on and there was a critter in the grass. half bird and half clematis seed. it was still very young. some strange nestling. i pointed it out. he got up and walked across the tracks to fetch something. i thought to myself that he was an odd guy. i liked him anyway. he had a way of dressing. the bird-seed hopped into my hand and nuzzled. was so soft. the head-half like a sparrow and the tail-half long and fuzzy, curled and fawn-colored clematis seed. he said to me before leaving, "give it a month and you'll be ready." not the bird-seed, the odd man said.

i think i read too many/pored over too many books last night before sleeping. i've never seen the odd man. i don't know anyone like him. i've never seen a bird-seed. dreaming is fantastic.


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