Sunday, February 26, 2006

someone related funny:

person1: (indignantly) what good is the mountain yellow-legged frog?
person2: what good are you?

and i really can't stop enjoying that. i almost cried because i couldn't stop chuckling.

trading hylocereus undatus for a rhodiola. for the former i learned a new common name: pitaya. apparently people ingest rhodiola. i only want to look at it. and two adromischus for 25 cents a pop. hooray!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

caliri has done it again. can't get enough of his stuff. dragon truly rocks. i don't watch t.v. so often. but the olympics lured me. i'm glad they did.

in other news...

while making soup i found two obscene potatoes. had to hide them under a dishtowel because i couldn't stop laughing.

two hawks were deviling a barn owl in broad daylight. very odd. there was a tiny storm of owl feather. i felt bad. i do love barn owls.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy saint valentine's day...

someone needs a cookie.

...contagion of smoochy silliness. keep laughing to myself over that line.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

the state of the weather...

working on the dachshunds. something dreadful kept happening machinewise. the little bugger couldn't sew the intended. but the problem has resolved.

listening: the boy who never saw the light-- little rabbits

the quince is blooming. pretty!

the easterly coast is wearing a white mantel. what a contrast. but i could go for some snow right now.

every morning there's a bluebird couple on the paling beneath the magnolias. shocking blue right before the sun rises. tomorrow it will be missed. but i'll have a nice late morning. sleeeeep.

the sister and s.b. have adopted a sloth! so cool. maybe his sloth chalet will be improved. hooray!


Monday, February 06, 2006

welcome aboard to you and your pet...

oh. after a long and crummy day i found the most amusing little parcel in the mail. a wee dino hello from brooklyn. brought a smile to my face. thank you! now i know airport officials are sympathetic to dino owners. means an easterly excursion should be had. but when...?

the dachshund is progressing nicely. some vintage fabric from the shed of forebears. orangey and bluey. i'm well pleased.

listening: if she wants me-- belle and sebastian

there was a flock of wild turkeys this afternoon. bald eagles have nothing on them. nope.

tomorrow we must have a dino photo shoot. hooray!

thank you thank you thank you!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


how appropriate. making valentines and stopped to look at the site counter. someone stumbled upon this site looking for an i love you. a croatian i love you. i just happen to have been given a list of i love yous. so. here you go:

croatian: volim te
italian: ti amo
alsatian: ich hoan dich gear
welsh: rwy'n dy garu di
french: je t'aime
polish: kocham ciebie
danish: jeg elsker dig
german: ich liebe dich


now listening: i'll keep it with mine-- nico

the aeonium will be repotted tomorrow. it's such a bizarre creature. i wonder what it looks like in its native habitat. an aeonium field must look like a dream.

i'm reproducing a soft toy i had when wee. a dachshund. the color scheme will be much amended though. my tastes have changed.

congratulations to anne of i like on the birth of her son! hooray! go and visit her site. she's added some links to things ye-ye.

it's going to rain. and i'm going to read.

listening: a case of you-- phoebe snow


Friday, February 03, 2006

the last several days my pocket's been full of king's clover. smells so good. in the morning it goes in. in the evening it comes out. pocket mulch. i've converted the sister too.

listening: the chokin' kind-- joss stone

a used copy of ulysses came away with me. i've never read that. exciting.

cocoa nibs are so fantastically delicious. there was nearly an olympian scene to determine the divvy. thankfully all ended peacefully. how diplomatic we can be.

suddenly next to the record store there's an urban outfitters. involuntarily i emitted distress sounds. where? when? how? i said one day nothing and then this. sister said it's like a tumor. you don't realize it's there until you wake up one morning and can't move your neck. months ago i heard college girls expressing excitement over the impending downtown abercrombie goiter. i'm soooo happy. we totally need an abercrombie. until that moment i was blissfully unaware of the necessity. potable water. breathable air. how in the world did i get on so well with only these? d.t. is now bountifully stocked with sweatshop wares. thank the gods.

maybe instead? or perhaps?

today we saw a man remove an entire rack of the free paper. that's because some locals were upset about a recent article therein. i won't elaborate. suffice it to say i find these preventitive measures more than a little frightening.