Sunday, April 30, 2006

wisteria in my memory is harbinger of chickenpox. and the little eye-shaped scars i have are not unlike that pale pinkish lavender. ours is blooming. the scent is nice and feverish. a black behelmeted bumble bee threads it. lola chases it. she's determined to taste every variety of stinging insect. a honey bee today. yesterday a hornet that wrecked its retribution in the area of her forepaw. limpy beast.

sister noted of this evening's moon, "it looks like a trapper keeper." i had to agree.

there are ridiculously tall oats growing everywhere. picked one. ran it through my fingers to take the seeds off. tied it back upon itself. a grass snare. not the gentlest introduction to a blue-belly but my brothers taught me to do it. laid on its back a lizard is lulled with the tickly end. a matter of proper technique.

the gravenstein apple has blossomed. smells just like roses. and the artichokes have buds. hell yes!

listening: for the price of a cup of tea-- belle and sebastian.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

took a walk down the railroad tracks. a killdeer has her clutch in the ballast. three granite patterned eggs. she didn't drag her wing. she did make a fuss though.

had to remove my shoes and roll up my jeans to fetch some bone shards from the creek. sister's apprentice. she won't pass up any opportunity to poke around (archeologically speaking). unless horsehair worms are present. and they were. i don't fear them so i had the honors.

listening: headlights look like diamonds-- arcade fire.

it's nearly two a.m. i'm heading off to bed but had to check my electronic mail. oh aquarius. i love and hate you. your lengthy correspondences. i shouldn't read them. forced to choose between little things like food and toothpaste and creme rinse and transportation or musical goodness. if i ever become independently wealthy i'm going straight up to the city and planting myself on your floor. with nice headphones.

to bed.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

thunderstorms last night and this morning. so fantastic. love them.

yesterday's aquarius package was lovingly wrapped in pages of the onion. the horoscopes inmost.

aries: you will once again resort to drinking your problems away, abusing tap water in an attempt to forget your dehydration issues.

and i read libra because it's my rising.

libra: construction on the new high-rise building you're working on will devolve into lewd and inappropriate whistling as an attractive woman rapidly falls by.

what can i say. they have me pegged.

arrived: yamasuki singers/lanaya/sibylle baier. colour green is terrific (the track and the album). i think i may even have figured out the lyrics.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

first, oh oh oh.

went back to the downed tree in daylight. owl wrought hecatomb. full of gopher slain. and wormy acorns. a tremendous lot of walnuts. the little twigs are leafing out. someone should tell them....

enjoying malkmus and the jicks.

something reminded me the other day about my blue eye conjecture. i used to think (when quite small) that people with blue eyes see everything tinted. what stunted logic. my vision was never confined to sepia so how'd i come to such a conclusion? it must be common to children though. i'm not the only one.

none of this makes a figure in a letter. but i report it anyway. i'm likely to remember the big and marvellous without aid. sometime i might want to remember the small and incidental though.

now playing: it kills-- stephen malkmus.

there's a very pregnant nanny goat across town. chocolatey ears on a creamy whole. the owner is an old woman with long white braids and overalls. she sells the kids. i wonder if she sells milk? i could get behind that. i love fresh goat milk. i love guernsey cream more. maybe she has one of those too.

trying to imagine a wide blue world. trying to imagine a sepia one. it'll occupy me for some time.

snapped off some lilac lilacs in the alley. so nice.

to walk now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

s.b. treated us to thai food. mmm.

through the cyclone wire at the derelict gas station nabbed some bluebells. a ways away some white lilacs. oh. those are nice. fragrant.

listening: juggle tings proper-- roots manuva.

domestic-y vs. nondomestic-y. are those the only choices? it's news. i choose curtain c. a tad more inclusive.

my cat-footed dog. she's wagging to the beat. listening to manuva i defy you not to shake it.

to bed.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

the rain has left us finally. for the moment leastways. what a moon. right on my pillow all night. so bright. kept waking thinking it was time to get up and get moving. tonight looks to be an encore.

listening: magic in the air-- badly drawn boy.

could walk for miles. the night is perfect for it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

requested materials awaited at the library. peter kennedy folksongs book. a tome. already i've learned a few things. ex: avoid the cobbler because he wants a kiss a stitch and his pants are always sticky. thank you channel islands! i love the interlibrary loan.

the silhouette missing makes h street's horizon dismal. so many creatures frequented that tree. magpies. barn owls. acorn woodpeckers. small intrepid canadian boys.

next week i begin my life of library servitude. no. i'm actually well pleased. volunteering is fun.

listening: lilac wine-- jeff buckley.

and of lilacs--- they're beginning. hooray!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

catching cold. again. on the upside most of the afternoon was beautifully sunny.

listening: gently johnny-- the wicker man soundtrack.

we had a marcel-pagnol-fest. form of video. maybe tomorrow while it rains i'll try text form.

the turbina corymbosa are getting their first leaves. neat-o. orange noahs too. potted the voodoo lilies. can't wait for those to bloom...even if they do smell like carrion.

to bed.
this night's walk saw the undoing of the very old. prehistory. that giant oak at h and murphy avenue is down. standing at the blunt end the span touches the top of my head. huge! somebody tacked a note there asking the trunk be saved for children to play in. rot had hollowed it. very upset. in the dark it was difficult to tell the cause of the down. maybe it blew over in the storm. but much of it had been chaincut.

birthday greetings from brother included a plea for my marriage and swift reproduction. gah. take a raincheck. and like the astute youngsters said as long as supply is low demand is high. and that's the way i likes it.

listening: sea song-- doves.

a visit to the zoo. 4/7. the sloth mugged for us and moved! the spider monkeys read national geographic. then ate the magazines. the python shimmered. i waited for john cleese near the lemur enclosure. he never showed. i wanted very very badly to pet the fossa. i ogled the zookeeper. the meerkats. oh the meerkats. the capybara is nature's way of fucking up a rhombus-- hilariously.

a beautiful new subwoofer and speakers courtesy ma. the woman refuses to cease the gift-giving. attempted to console by telling me how good a deal she got. goodness but they are wonderful. no more irritating static. so crisp. luuuurve.

listening: cirkus-- king crimson.

it's late. must to sleep.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

i wake up a year older tomorrow. twenties are gone. a little scary.

listening: the lady and the gentle man-- bridget st. john

the goods at the record store were for sister. darn. thought superflu awaited. but no. just a roots manuva album she's already got.

bus floor stickied with dark and unknown. upon standing to unboard discovered my bottom was soaking wet-- coffee. eagerness to get home and remove my dirty clothes. sister and s.b. discussing their hunger. approaching home:

me: you order the vegetable pizza while i take off my pants.
s.b.: well my evening's shaping up nicely.

ridiculous boy. i'll miss him when he goes.

morning glory seeds are sprouting. caralluma and dorstenia newly potted.

japanese cedar burning over there.

listening: the pebble and the man-- bridget st. john

good evening.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

enjoying early birthday gift from s.b. and sister. latest belle and sebastian. oh yes. it has a very stevie wonder/r.e.m./jim croce/earth wind and fire-ish feeling. leastways that's my first impression. a departure. one i can get behind.

confrontation with a crazy bicyclist. crashed his cycle into s.b.'s jewels and then blamed s.b. there was a shouting match between sister and said bicyclist. threatened to use his truck next go round. kind of a bastard that one.

musical manna. aquarius package arrived the other day. more on the way. and it looks like the local record store might have something wonderful for me. for me? maybe. there appears to be some confusion.

japanese birthday celebration lunch. hooray eel rolls!

there's a framed stick-insect in a downtown window.

s.b.: i don't like that bug. i don't trust it.
me: you don't trust it? what it's plotting against you?
sister: (in remarkable insect voice) this is change for a ten! i gave you a twenty! yep. he's a grifter.

but there again s.b.'s afeared of insects and the like. he refused to let me have the spider roll too.

listening: funny little frog-- belle and sebastian


edit: speaking of grifters. the three of us encountered a man. mumbled at us. i was left standing beside him searching up some change. he said variously he was a "train jumper" ("not a hobo") and a "modern hobo." wha? modern? has hobo technology changed so drastically? he's completely reworked the bindle?