Thursday, March 30, 2006

ripe pineapple smells so so so very good. we looked like absolute perverts in the produce aisle today. really. perfectly innocent though. promise.

listening: clip clap-- kahimi karie.

...hey foxy/ where are you going?

lola is giving me the eye of impatience. oh much dreaded eye!

thoughts of summertime voyage have lifted much of my blue. the unfortunate bit is i'm living in close proximity to an incontinent and foul-tempered cephalopod. clouds are imminent.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

blue cockatoo...

it's late. i'm refreshing my knowledge of hemstitch.

listening: the new face of zero and one-- the new pornographers.

johnny-jump-ups are blooming at father's. the wild peony too. yay!

a long walk and a three way argument (friendly of course) about what it means to be a woodworker's woodworker etc. we could have kept on but my shoe was blistering me.

a sorche nic leodhas book of scottish songs. illustrated by evaline ness. so cute.

sister is a huge fan of things tuva and of paul pena. she brought home a pena album. we've been singing venutian lady.

there's a long island guy we see mornings. yesterday he told us he was raised up on a potato farm. weekends he'd go to the city. he called it the human zoo. today was my human zoo day. incredible.

watched hitchcock's birds. his intro commentary is so amusing. and the shot of the lovebirds swaying against the highway curves belies his sense of humor.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

picked up vashti bunyan today. good god. can't stop listening. and humming. i've heard her compared to sibylle baier and bridget st.john. enjoy both of them. but there's really no comparing. vashti sparkles. so pretty. plus that whole tinker wagon thing amuses.

been reading about opossums. north america's only marsupial! vive l'opossum! they have thumbs on their feet. bitchin'.

s.b.'s birthday in two days-- a spice cake is forthcoming. and a few weeks later i mark my triple ten. pointy hats.

vashti is urging me to get a blagdon cob and take to traveling. ridiculous yes but appealing nonetheless.

listening: where i like to stand-- vashti bunyan


Sunday, March 12, 2006

it was snowing. big pillowy flakes. so pretty. that was 7:00 or so this morning. at around 9:00 i heard the arkansas coal miners' voices and the squeals of their fleet of grandchildren. the snow had stopped then. so what produced oohs was a lot of melting white stuff.

so many birds out. a woodpecker picking over the pine. robins. mockingbirds. a pair of winging ducks.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

there's really too much to do. and so. i make plans but break them. linger over the schematic. when did we become masters of perspective? i missed it. brunelleschi? none of that for me. as soon as the flat and blue is replaced by the real and blue my way is any. tower and sod.

it might snow. if only it would decide. it hails. it rains. it shines. cold is constant. but i'm tired of hearing about the possibility of snow.

went for a walk. the otherwise drab refreshed by a whole discarded calendula. i snatched it. s.b. said he hates orange flowers-- they make him allergic. it's my posie. he'll have to wear a respirator.

silly but i keep the little prince next to my bed. i can read please would you draw me a sheep when i can't sleep. it does help. very sedative. though i'd settle for any wee sketch right now.

the moth orchid is going to bloom. the plum is blooming. the hyacinth bloomed (but was broken). the wild peony should bloom. tenses.

somewhere i resemble agate. tourmaline. jasper. amber. there now. and i do feel better.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

an apology to poets? it's about time! that t-rex is full of surprises.

gathered some little succulent slips from downtown plantings. the orange one is tops. nobody looks because they're all hoping for a glimpse of morgan freeman.

listening: b-line-- lamb.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

strolling this hazy noon. pink-bellied doves on electric lines. the almond bosses. snowdrops. 13 pale shadows ranged over. somebody's opened cote meant white scintillation.

listening: the way you close your eyes-- kahimi karie (augmented with local chorus frog)

will put out pails for the rainwater. prefered cocktail of my darlingtonia and nepenthes.

thanks to a random photo have become acquainted with the beehive ginger. so gorgeous. also pinecone ginger. these i'll have to grow someday.

correspondence is a funny funny animal. especially this lightbox form. all day it looks forward to feeding on fresh crisp font.

s.b. on again about my playing the pye-anna. but my 88 is long out of tune. possibly impossible. much like my stamina. it's said aries are great at (fiery) beginning. the zodiac can only take so much credit for my skipping attention.

thankfully i know a number of skipping rhymes. hello operator please give me number 9...


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

cinder dust brows. watching those without point helpfully at that schmutz.

i've decided it's not rhodiola but sedum confusum purpusii. i'll decide differently again. only give me time. needs me a nice crassulaceae reference. indeed.

so susceptible. two bars later and i can't stop truckin' like the doo-da man. damnable dulcet-voiced hippies.