Sunday, November 27, 2005


listening: chronograph-- sketch show.

last night was thanksgiving dinner number one at the s.b. family manse. sister is there. she showed me her staples. ornery! soon we'll have thanksgiving the second at home.

gutsy radish!

interesting. one of the fellas responsible for the excellent end credits of lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events also did some work for kcrw. neat-o.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005


sister will soon have a sexy new scar. that is the plus. the minus being she will have to take a regular course of antiobiotic for the rest of her life. not a religious one but still i'm praying it's a lengthy remainder. the spleen is no more. it ruptured completely sunday morning. required emergency surgery. much internal bleeding. in my early to mid-twenties i had plenty of steel for such an instance. but certain circumstances have weakened my reinforcements. so when i was needed it was all i could do to keep from fainting. she was so pale. today her color is better. however thanksgiving will have to be postponed.

s.b. and i walked to the library yesterday to lessen the nerves. we even took out movies. visually i enjoyed very much lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events. beautiful that. also funny. for the most. overall i did care for it. the credits were especially well executed i felt.

my friend has taken up fencing. the sort that goes mask/foil. not that purloining kind. he says he can fare alright sparring ten year olds. which i imagine might come in very handy sometime. note the friendly sarcasm in her voice.

but really i'm jealous.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

accordiana and then some...

kjetil will try now for the door at back. he's wised. he's also still very much tomcat. those are not fixtures for a happy house. the habit of pissing for friendly ends. or possessive ends. but soon he'll have a doctor visit. then i'll consider letting him in on a cold night. he has a fur coat! i've not even got that.

love the squeezebox. truly do. as for button pushing though i am not myself an accordion. if that is the drive the natural sound will be less like music. assuredly. what an imp. god damn imp.

sae dowie and wae. i find it a beautiful phrase. not for the dour power. more for the euphony.

sister gifted me with several new books. new to me. one entomology of 1960's era. excellent plates therein. one botanical reference of 1940's era. so. very. bitchin'. one of common cage birds which was originally printed in danish(?) in the 1940's or so. and a strange orthographical pocket-sized text in polish. that last to feed my love of books as i only really recognize two polish words: tak and nie. those are sufficient for now. mostly i like the lines of those letters. typographical adoration.

finally i've seen a picture of the green avadavat. it certainly is green.

a cricket just appeared. not the one with the bad gam from a few days back. this one has a severe staring problem. sup? timmy in the well?


good evening.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


listening: let's dance-- david bowie.

the source of the mystery stench has been uncovered. the port-a-john across the street at the construction site. very pungent. i briefly considered calling the real estate agency to give them a heads up. but i 'spose they'll perceive when they arrive to tour their perspectives. the lost dollars will be more convincing than i could be.

three huge white spidery chrysanthemums. nice. at the market each head is swaddled in poly net. when the net is split the petals unfurl. very dramatic.

if you say run/ i'll run with you...

today i learned a valuable lesson concerning debate. when the subject is cruelty to felines sometimes there can be no discussion. but my voice can rise angrily. i can utter swear words. i can think less of a person. i can besmirch a christian holy day.

also i can listen to bowie on repeat. drink a hot coffee. think about may. i'm buying my ticket this month. i'm not sure one continent different will make such a change. i'd like to think it will. suddenly set down in a city that makes me mute and illiterate. how can the necessary upset be avoided then? postponed? it can't.

yesterday i visited the mc mullen homestead and helped my da pick the olives. he gathered the high branches because of his vertical superiority. i picked the low branches. he lent me a book. altogether pleasant visit.

had a dream about architects and ravens. giant ravens. giant aztec ravens. a curse that i may or may not have escaped. it's hard to tell in that state. or were they crows?

ah! the musical switch. a little bit o' dandy warhols. country leaver.

good afternoon.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

again again...

fanfuckingtastic moon now. the agate hazy bull eye. clouds are departing. breath is visible.

squirrels in their cold sequester. winter suspense. playing cards in the barracks. they still require my attention. but less these months.

that face. would you like a shawl collar and house slippers to go with your cut cavendish? i'm not making fun really. but i am laughing at you a bit. surrounded by beautiful russian women. happy belated. hugs and kisses.

the luverly dark and crisp of new jeans. oh. it's the little things.

s.b. had a moment of reward for teaching. i'm pleased for him. every thought of it makes me grin.

today my exit was sooner rather than later. fingers twined that satie was not subject. hate to miss such.

when i was a youngster i learned a song. thig tri nithean gun iarraidh. three come unasked. why are those island songs so damned depressing. and so very spot on. an t-eagal an t-eudach 's an gaol.... first phonetically and every fifth word familiar. then a better understanding but by no means fluent. fluency precedes death maybe. give me a few more decades to flub. please.

should i put on the black glinting shoes and attend? two minds over that. i haven't been to a recital in a while. i'm some sort of steel girder according to the performer. quite complimentary actually. and he passed on advice too. form of a question: who do you play for? alright. i say uncle.

my blog muscle has atrophied. there won't be any marathon tonight. so sorry.


Monday, November 07, 2005

tuck in...

the squirrels are nearing extreme clean. a good few months of real sleep. and so. look for my return.

listening: ma devise-- samia farah.

nighty night.